Proactive Incident Response Preparedness

Zeta Sky can arm you with a range of cybersecurity prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

Proactive incident response capability

If you are experiencing a cybersecurity event, click here for our Incident Response emergency services.

If your organization lacks established incident response planning and you suspect you are vulnerable to attack, we can help. We are leaders in cybersecurity and have extensive experience creating incident response competency for our clients, including:

Developing your unique cyber incident response plan

Assigning roles and responsibilities for your computer security incident response team (CSIRT)

Implementing scheduled, automated data backups and disaster recovery protocols

Implementing managed cybersecurity solutions like access controls, firewalls, and antimalware, monitored day and night

Coordinating with law enforcement and insurance investigations

Aligning your security capabilities with your stakeholders’ compliance requirements

Why Zeta Sky Incident Response Service?

We are experts in managed IT security, with dedicated services for cloud network security, backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, and malware remediation. 

You can leverage our expertise to establish your own in house computer security incident response team (CSIRT). 

Incident response capabilities
tailored to your needs

Your business will likely experience, or has already experienced, some form of cyberattack or data breach. It is a reality we all must face, and those who prepare for it are the ones who can prevent attacks or recover relatively unscathed.

The proactive approach

Most people associate the term “incident response” with the reaction to a security breach. However, incident response is not just reactive — since an attack is a probability, your organization has to be able to detect it, then respond with an organized and effective process. This process will be unique to your organization, and make you resilient to an attack and able to prevent others in the future.

If you suspect you are vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack, contact us. We’ll help you set up your incident response plan and team, and establish the protocols your organization needs to stay secure.

Create your own
proactive incident response

Zeta Sky’s Incident Response services cover both aspects of cybersecurity incidents: helping those who are vulnerable to attack create their own proactive incident response capabilities, and providing emergency support for those who’ve been attacked.

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