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Zeta Sky Incident Response Process


Immediate action to stop the spread and minimize the damage, including identifying and shutting down infected computers and servers



Determine the time of the breach and its vector and entry point — essential for assessing damage and facilitating remediation 



Reimage the computers, check the backups, restore the data, and restart the business processes, verifying the network is free from any further security issues




Report the event to relevant authorities, including law enforcement, legal counsel, and insurers to determine the potential compliance requirements and coverage



Prepare a custom incident response plan  and establish the protocols your organization needs to stay secure and prevent a future incident


If your organization has been a victim of cybercrime, you can turn to Zeta Sky for support and solutions. We are leaders in cybersecurity and incident response, and can guide you through the crucial early stages of recovery, restore your data, and get your business back up and running.

incident response service overview

Zeta Sky’s Incident Response services cover two aspects of cybersecurity: providing emergency support for those who’ve been attacked, and helping those vulnerable to attack develop their own incident response capabilities. 

You can rely on Zeta Sky’s emergency response team during a cybersecurity attack or breach. We help organizations recover from incidents as well as implement safeguards for preventing future attacks.

If you suspect you are vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack, contact us here. We’ll help you set up an incident response plan and team, and establish the protocols your organization needs to stay secure. Learn more about Incident Response Preparedness and creating your own proactive incident response capabilities.

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cybersecurity incident response faq

Here are some questions we are often asked.

What should I do if I suspect a data breach?

If you have an internal IT department, notify them of the incident immediately. They will direct you on the next steps. If you have no internal resources, contact a service like Zeta Sky’s Incident Response. We will take over and start the containment/engagement countermeasures.

I’m not a Zeta Sky customer, can you still help?

Short answer: Yes. Because rapid action against a security breach is critical, Zeta Sky prioritizes any incident response requests, whether from our client base customer or from someone who has never worked with us.

Who am I required to notify in case of a data breach?

It depends on your regulatory environment – your state, industry, clients, and the types of data you are responsible for. Organizations are subject to different legal requirements and notification responsibilities depending on what type of information they handle, how they perform data processing, and the nature of the client base. In addition to the directly affected parties, you may be required to notify local or federal law enforcement, state or national regulatory bodies, or the media. Notifications should go out as soon as possible since there’s a limited window of opportunity for people to protect themselves against possible IP theft or other kinds of fraud related to your breach.

This was a ransomware attack – is it easier to just pay the ransom?

Short answer: No. Although evidence shows most cyber criminals will return your data if you pay the ransom, the FBI and most cybersecurity experts strongly advise against it. The best-case scenario is that you have proper backup and recovery solutions in place, so that you can regain access to your data without having to pay the ransom or engage with the cybercriminals at all. 

Will you find out how this happened?

Short answer: Yes. Zeta Sky will identify the sequence of events, starting from the point of infection to assessing the scope of damage from the attack. We will analyze event log data and run our forensic tools to trace the source of the attack. This is an important step in understanding how to respond to an attack and if any compliance requirements are needed.

What happens after the issue has been resolved?

We’ll sit down with all parties and have a detailed discussion to figure out the “lessons learned” and provide a path to filling any security gaps we may have found or that were exposed by the incident. From that point, if you have no formal incident response plan, Zeta Sky will develop one so you will know how to respond to any future attacks.

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