Chapter 9: Advantages of outsourcing your company’s cybersecurity

As the landscape of cyberthreats grows in complexity, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) look for better options to keep their sensitive data protected. There is a good reason for this, as computer networks are becoming more sophisticated and hackers are getting smarter about their methods of gaining access to corporate information.

How will your SMB address this issue? Would it be best for your organization to manage your own security with in-house experts? Should you hire a consultant to recommend cybersecurity solutions for the internal IT department to follow? Or should you outsource everything to a reputable managed IT services provider (MSP) like Zeta Sky? Here are some of the benefits of hiring a third party to take care of your cybersecurity concerns:

Affordable professional services

Whether you hire in-house trained security guards or cybersecurity specialists (or both), employing internal staff can be costly. The last people you want are less-than-qualified workers, but if your business is on a tight budget, you may have to settle for a mediocre workforce.

In highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, having good security is required by law. A dependable MSP will guarantee the safety of your data, both physically and virtually/logically at an affordable price. It may implement services like 24/7 monitoring and surveillance and would require employees to go through two-factor authentication so they can access the workplace.

Greater risk management

A trusted MSP can effortlessly and easily update your IT environment daily by automating the process with the help of specialized tools. They are responsible for tasks like auditing your inventory, implementing software patches for bugs and exploits, and verifying that your backups are working to lessen the risk of damage caused by disasters.

Better scalability

As your firm expands, your workforce will also demand more from its technical support, or you may acquire more facilities that will need security. Your chosen MSP must have flexible security solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of your organization.

Since your business is growing, outsourcing can make the transition process easy as you won’t have to beef up your on-site security team for your expanding computer network.

Improved network security

Many SMB owners will sleep better knowing that a dependable IT service provider is carefully monitoring their network, proactively managing cybersecurity on a daily basis, and recommending the latest policies or technologies necessary to keep their corporate data safe. You always have the option to hire an in-house team, but if you prefer to concentrate on making your business grow and not worry about IT concerns, working with a proven MSP is worth considering.

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