Why your business needs a disaster recovery plan

Technology “makes the world go round” as far as today’s offices are concerned. It encompasses various labor-saving devices for facilitating your business processes, boosting your revenue or bringing down costs, and keeping your organization competitive in today’s digital world.

When your company experiences a disaster, the consequences are alarming. Crucial, sensitive data is lost. Requests and orders from customers and clients go unfulfilled. Your workforce is unable to perform its duties, and production suddenly shuts down. Sadly, some small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might not be able to recover from their losses.

Because IT is a central part of your enterprise, you need a trusted managed IT services provider (MSP) like Zeta Sky to offer you a disaster recovery plan (DRP). Techopedia defines DRP as “a business plan that describes how work can be resumed quickly and effectively after a disaster. Disaster recovery planning is just part of business continuity planning and applied to aspects of an organization that relies on an IT infrastructure to function.” Zeta Sky can quickly bring your IT infrastructure back and restore vital data after an emergency or disaster.

Is having a DRP necessary?

A DRP lowers your loss of profit in cases when parts of your IT infrastructure or sensitive data is lost or damaged.

Aside from boosting your bottom line, the following are a few of the reasons why coming up with a DRP should be a top priority for your SMB:

Reputation damage

Customers will be unhappy with a business that is down for an unreasonably long time because of an IT disaster. This will affect the reputation of your brand and allow your competitors to gain or move way ahead.

Today’s consumers have an “I want everything, and I want them now!” mindset, forcing enterprises to be more competitive. Failing to deliver the goods lowers your customers’ expectations about your brand and how you do business..

Human and hardware fails

In an office environment, the workforce is considered a “wild card” risk. You may have the best firewalls, anti-malware software, and IT service provider, but it only takes one employee lacking in security awareness to open a malware attachment on an email and wreak havoc on your IT system.

It’s an inescapable fact: nothing is perfect nor lasts forever. Your office equipment will eventually malfunction. Hard drives crash, and servers need to be maintained or replaced after a few years. Does your MSP back up your data regularly?

These hardware and human fails are reasons your business needs an effective disaster recovery plan.

Does your company have a DRP?

Disasters happen; it’s just a matter of when, not if. You need to plan ahead to mitigate such a business risk.

Get a dependable MSP like Zeta Sky to assist you with your DRP, as we have a proven track record. We offer cloud desktop solutions for clients at Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and Riverside. We work hard to optimize your IT infrastructure and keep things working efficiently. Give us a call right now for a complimentary consultation — a bit of prevention can go a long way.

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