6 Ways co-managed IT benefits your company

Many companies today are opting for co-managed IT, an approach in which a business’s IT network is managed by both an internal tech department and a managed services provider (MSP). Co-managed IT is designed to supplement your in-house team’s capabilities with the MSP’s expertise, reach, and access to top-of-the-class technology, allowing you to derive greater value from your IT investments.

Here are five ways your business can benefit from this approach:

#1. Better tech

The upfront cost of hardware and software can eat a huge chunk of your budget. Factor in the cost of upgrading your machines, which you need to do every few years, and you’re looking at several thousand dollars or more in IT investment. If you run your small business on a tight budget, building and maintaining a competitive IT system could prove to be too costly.

If your partner MSP offers hardware lease or rental, co-managing your IT network will give you access to first-rate technology without requiring an expensive upfront investment. Because the MSP owns the machines, they are also in charge of upgrading hardware — and software, in many instances — at no additional cost.

#2. 24/7 monitoring

IT problems can happen anytime, regardless of whether the members of your tech department are around or not. Therefore, you need someone to constantly monitor your network and address any issues before they can pose any threat to your operations.

MSPs watch over your network around the clock from a remote location so you don’t incur additional utility expenses during off-hours. This means your IT team members can enjoy their weekends or take a much-needed break when they’re sick or stressed without worrying about the impact of their absence on your system.

#3. Improved productivity

Network issues can halt your operations, hinder your employees from serving your customers, and downright prevent your business from earning revenue. The proactive protection offered by an MSP partner means network problems are less likely to occur or negatively impact your company’s performance.

With regards to your tech department, the MSP’s involvement means they don’t have to worry about important but repetitive tasks such as backing up your files. Instead, they can focus on other high-value tasks such as troubleshooting and providing tech support to their co-workers.

#4. Reliable cybersecurity

MSPs can help you choose anti-malware software and other cybersecurity solutions to prevent hackers and malicious software from penetrating your network. They can also help you migrate your files to the cloud where they are protected behind layers of advanced firewalls.

But even the most advanced cybersecurity measures may prove futile if users do not follow them. Your co-managed IT provider can help you organize training sessions that will educate your staff on cybersecurity best practices.

#5. Expert assistance

MSPs deal with all sorts of tech-related problems. Should your in-house team encounter an issue they haven’t dealt with before, your IT partner may contribute their expertise to resolve the problem.

Moreover, your co-managed services provider can help you determine and address your tech-related needs for any upcoming project or expansion. For instance, they can help you identify which hardware to purchase or connect you with reputable vendors who offer the software you need.

#6. Decreased costs

Co-managed IT requires low monthly payments that are easy to manage and account for. Its proactive nature and considerable coverage mean you won’t have to deal with sudden expenses for repairs, upgrades, and updates. It also allows your business to function effectively even with a small tech department, allowing you to save on space, utilities, and workers’ salaries.

Co-managed IT places your IT system in the care of experts who can fix and prevent network issues and empower your business with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. Augment your internal IT department by contacting Zeta Sky today!

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