[Video] Is your business prepared for the coronavirus?

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How do I protect my employees?

As a business leader, no one has a playbook for this. However, it’s still critical to develop a contingency plan in the interim. Below are some recommendations from the CDC:

  • Encourage sick employees to stay at home
  • Emphasize staying home until full recovery (we encourage our employees to take one or two extra days and work remotely until they’re feeling 100%)
  • Perform routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (e.g. workstations, doorknobs, remote controls) 
  • Implement a policy for employees who plan to travel or are returning from high-risk areas. This might include obtaining a medical clearance and a period of self-quarantine before returning to the office

How do I protect my business?

Just like having a contingency plan to protect your employees, you should also have a plan to protect your business IT operations. To gauge where your business IT operations stand, review the following statements and check if they are true or false: 

  • We can seamlessly continue operations even  if our server goes down
  • Our staff can easily and securely work from home
  • Our staff can collaborate when working remotely
  • We can easily handle phone traffic and routing during emergencies
  • Our data is stored securely by a 3rd party
  • We can monitor and log data access

If you’ve checked 2 or more statements as false, then your business IT operations are at risk. Contact us for a zero-obligation assessment of your business IT today.

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