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Gallant had previous experiences that concerned them with data breaches and the possibility of PII vulnerability. They needed a system and process to centralize their data and with controlled access. Their staff however needed flexibility to work from various platforms and locations, which can provide challenges with performance and security.


Zeta Sky built Gallant a private cloud ecosystem. It allowed them to centralize their data, securing their and their clients’ intellectual property while at the same time enabling their on-site and remote workers to access it from any internet-connected device. Gallant didn’t have formal IT security policies and procedures in place, so Zeta Sky mapped out a plan that made sure they were protected against cybersecurity attacks and data breaches, including recovery protocols should a breach occur.

THE Results:

Zeta Sky mapped out a plan to mitigate cyber security attacks and data breaches moving forward. This also involved moving Gallant to the cloud, keeping them secure, boosting productivity, and delighting their sales team who can now easily access timely-information.

About Gallant Risk & Insurance Services

Now in their tenth year, Gallant is a full line insurance brokerage headquartered in Corona, California. Customer fulfilment is of paramount importance to Gallant, and they strive to cultivate lasting and synergistic relationships with their clients. Maintaining these relationships, and their critical security obligations require a range of technologies. They’ve partnered with Zeta Sky since 2012.

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