[Video] Working From Home? 3 Helpful Tips

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The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting our entire way of life both personally and professionally.

There are a lot of companies now sending workers home and expect them to stay productive. Are you finding yourself having to work from home?

At Zeta Sky we have embraced working remotely since our inception and would like to share some tips you can use to make working from home a little easier, technically speaking at least. 

There are 3 must have items that will help improve your experience:

1. Internet Connection- Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi

2. Headset or Ear Buds

3. Collaboration Software

If you or your business is struggling with setting up a remote work environment, contact us today to learn how we can get you easily connected and able to work almost like you did in the office.  This situation we are all in will pass and having a reliable way to work remotely will benefit all types of business in the future.

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