Video Conferencing: WebEx vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting

A key challenge when managing work from home employees is how to handle online meetings and webinars. There are several different video-conferencing platforms to choose from. Here we outline the features of WebEx vs GoToMeeting vs Zoom:


With the capacity to host up to 3000 attendees and stream webcasts to 40,000 viewers, WebEx is one of the most powerful webinar hosting solutions available. This may be the solution for you if you need to engage with multiple thousands of meeting attendees and participants, particularly given that WebEx offers outstanding technical assistance for webinar hosts. As well as large-scale meetings, it also offers file-sharing, chat, polling, attendee monitoring, and other tools. It may be too ambitious for most small and medium companies, however, and it is also difficult to get pricing information without approaching the sales team. 

One of the most popular online video meeting solutions, Zoom provides some useful features and reliable functionality at a range of pricing plans, starting from free. It offers features such as chat, polling, recording, reporting, and file sharing. That said, its user interface is quite dated and can be unreliable, often failing when you start to use several different features at the same time during a live event, such as Q&A and polling. It is one of the cheapest online meeting solutions, however, so if your company just needs basic video conferencing capabilities, this could be the best tool for you. 


Another video conferencing tool you may be considering for managing your work from home employees is GoToMeeting. The GoToMeeting platform is reasonably priced ($16.25/month for the Professional Plan will allow 150 participants, for example), and its ease of use makes it a popular choice. A dashboard shows meeting hosts exactly what the user sees, preventing confusion. It also offers useful features such as event management tools, flexible scheduling, custom registration, and your own channel page. However, it can be complicated to log in on a mobile device and administrative powers for changing and launching meetings can be restrictive. 

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