How unified communications boosts productivity

Landline business phone systems may have been the go-to communication solution in the past, but nowadays, their relatively high cost and limited functionality make them ill-suited for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to become more efficient. Unified communications (UC), a system that integrates multiple communication channels into a single, common interface, is a more cost-effective alternative that will not only help you save money, but also boost your productivity.

What is UC?

A common misconception is that UC is a single communication tool. Rather, it is a framework wherein different communication methods are integrated into one system and can be accessed through a single interface. These methods include instant messaging, SMS, email, audio, and voice, as well as many others.

How does UC improve productivity?

Legacy phone systems cannot do much beyond voice calls. You’d need to set up multiple devices to conduct a video conference with prospective clients or turn to your computer to read your emails. On the other hand, UC allows users to do these and more through a single system, saving time and energy in the process.

These are the other ways UC can boost productivity and efficiency in your business:

#1. Allow seamless interaction among different devices

UC gives different devices access to the same functionalities. This means that you can use even your mobile phone and other personal devices to access your files and emails or communicate with your customers and co-workers when needed. Needless to say, UC comes with sophisticated protective measures to ensure that no sensitive business information is leaked out of the system.

#2. Work anywhere, even outside the office

One of the biggest disadvantages of legacy business phone systems is that you need to be at the office to use them. But what if you can’t make it to the office and you have to have an important conversation with a client?

By giving personal devices the same privileges and capabilities as any of the machines in your office, UC enables your staff to accomplish critical tasks even when they’re away from your landline phone. This would allow them the option to work somewhere they are comfortable and are at their most productive.

#3. Share files and collaborate more easily

Landline phones aren’t ideal for collaborating at all. Some of your colleagues may work better with emails and chat messages and find phone calls very disruptive. Alternatively, UC allows you to communicate through preferred and appropriate channels in real time. It even allows you to send and receive files, which is great when you’re working with people who are situated far from your location.

#4. Get things done despite natural disasters

Landline phone connections are notoriously vulnerable to natural disasters. Make a call during a hurricane and you’re likely to suffer from a choppy connection or downright disconnection. But since UC connects through the internet, it is better protected from the issues that plague legacy business phone systems.

#5. Talk to more people for less

Voice calls in UC are usually facilitated through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which means that instead of calls being channeled through telephone lines, they connect using the internet. This has multiple benefits.

First, it allows you to talk to your colleagues or clients clearly even when they’re on a different continent. Second, unlike landline phones, VoIP doesn’t charge you more for long-distance calls. This means you can talk to international clients without worrying about the costs.

#6. Enjoy the power of automation

What if you need to transcribe a phone call to one of your prospective customers? With old landline phones, you’d have to copy the entire conversation by hand. But with UC, you can set your system to automatically transcribe the conversation for you.

UC can automate simple and repetitive tasks, including transcribing calls, sending reminders, and generating text messages, so you don’t have to do them anymore. This way, you can focus on more valuable tasks that can help your SMB grow.

UC is all about versatility. It helps you break away from the limits of traditional business phone systems, allowing you to enjoy brilliant new features that can improve your productivity and bottom line.

At Zeta Sky, we can tailor a UC system to your needs and integrate it seamlessly into your business. Contact us now to get started!

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