Event Recap: Inland Empire Cyber Security Summit 2019

Zeta Sky team in attendance at the Inland Empire Cyber Security Summit 2019

Zeta Sky recently hosted a Cyber Security Summit as part of it’s commitment to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), held annually in October. Below is a recap of some of the highlights and key takeaways from the event.

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Gremminger delivered a powerful briefing to local business professionals

Cyber crimes are increasing, accounting for $2.7 Billion in reported financial losses in 2018 alone. 97% of cyber threats rely on social engineering. Simply put, cyber criminals prefer methods that manipulate people into breaking normal security procedures and best practices in order to gain access to systems and networks, instead of executing complex network breaches. The best protection against social engineering is to train staff on cyber awareness. This can’t be urged strongly enough.

Citrix is evolving to ensure employees have the mobility they need, while ensuring companies can maintain security and centralized management of their data and apps

Historically, Citrix has been used mainly by large enterprises. Today, there’s a growing trend of SMB’s adopting Citrix to centralize their IT and secure their endpoints.

Datto presented on the importance of backup and disaster recovery solutions

As the FBI reported, it’s not a matter of if, but when an attack will occur to your business. That’s why backing up files is a must, and furthermore, having a recovery plan and tested RTO (recovery time objective) is also necessary.

Gallant Risk & Insurance explained the ins and outs cyber liability coverage

Gallant’s Blake Pierson shared exactly what cyber liability coverage is and why so many businesses are rushing to insurance companies to protect themselves. His stats were staggering with the average cost of a breach easily surpassing the 6 figure range, not to mention damage to reputation.


An ounce of cyber security prevention is worth a pound of cure. Businesses need to take measures to prevent and prepare for cyber threats.

Overall, we’re delighted by the turnout to this event and the level of engagement and enthusiasm from the attendees. It was a great opportunity to learn from industry professionals and network with local businesses, city officials, and local college executives. Many people shared their own cyber security experiences which helped drive home the importance of being cyber aware.

Big thanks to the InTech Center and the Fontana Chamber of Commerce for helping organize the event.

Watch a recap of the event below:

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