5 Reasons we partner with Amazon Web Services for cloud infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is just one of many cloud service providers (CSPs) in the market today, but we believe it is a cut above the competition. Here are five compelling reasons why we partnered with AWS in helping our clients cope with the demands of an increasingly mobile-focused and tech-centered business setting.

#1. Flexible pricing

Amazon’s competitors, such as tech giant Oracle, usually sell big product packages all at once. This strategy takes away much of the guesswork in terms of finding new and compatible components for your growing cloud infrastructure. However, this approach also means you’re essentially paying for chunks of product you possibly don’t need yet, which results in a higher upfront investment.

Amazon chose a different direction, opting for a pay-as-you-go pricing model. AWS offers individual product pieces that you can purchase a la carte. This makes AWS cloud services much cheaper and friendlier to companies that do not have the tech budget of large corporations. As your business and IT requirements grow, you can just purchase additional components as needed. This approach gives you plenty of room to play around and come up with a cloud system that truly suits your business’s needs.

#2. Comprehensive life cycle support

Adopting cloud technology can be a daunting process, especially for companies that are doing it for the first time. With the operational and cultural changes that cloud adoption entails, a few mistakes are bound to happen along the way. To address this issue, Amazon chooses MSP partners that can provide full life cycle solutions to their clients.

As an AWS partner, we must offer services that support every stage of the cloud adoption process, from planning and designing to building the infrastructure to operating and optimizing the system. This ensures that we fully understand our clients’ needs and goals, and that you enjoy a seamless and stress-free cloud adoption journey.

#3. Constantly evolving security

The cloud is now one of the most secure storage solutions in the market, but AWS is not stopping just yet. It continues to evolve, adapting to ever-transforming cybersecurity threats by constantly updating its security measures and best practices. This allows MSPs like us to meet even the most stringent standards and serve clients in regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare, by providing them with solutions that are tailored according to their business’s specific security needs.

#4. Clear inclination for speed

When your customers expect you to consistently deliver results within seconds, an IT system that takes a lot of minutes to yield outcomes is a liability. Your business needs to respond fast — better yet, you need to be able to anticipate your clients’ needs before they even ask.

AWS is one of the fastest cloud solutions in the market, but that’s not all. By providing extensive cloud adoption support, AWS’s MSPs offer clients more than just access to the cloud. Being partners with AWS means having the application and infrastructure monitoring and management tools needed not just to support your changing workload, but also to identify and take full advantage of opportunities to speed up your operations and save money.

#5. Steady move toward automation

Amazon was one of the figures that revolutionized the way the 21st century shopped. Recent projects like Amazon Go demonstrated the brand’s commitment to automation. Amazon hopes to give businesses the power to automate their processes through AWS and its partner MSPs. Solutions like self-healing infrastructure and code deployment automation reduce the need for manual inputs, speed up your process, and mitigate the risk of disastrous errors. Automation also allows you to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

Adopting cloud technology is a solid step in the right direction if you are looking to improve your business’s speed and security, but not all cloud service providers are created equal. Get a clear picture of how investing in the cloud through AWS can give your business the boost it needs by contacting us today!

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