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Searching for answers to these typical security questions?:

We’re working in the cloud – how can we protect our platforms and applications?

We have headcount limits – how can we avoid
hiring in-house specialists?

We’re under regulatory pressure – how can we
meet our obligations?

We handle client data – how can we assure them
it’s safe?

We work remotely – how can we protect mobile
devices and their unstructured data?

How can we develop IT security best practices
for our employees?

Zeta Sky is the Inland Empire’s experts in managed IT security services. We have the answers to your
questions, and the solutions that will secure your business.

Cybersecurity Solution Areas

Zeta Sky secures your business with 24/7 monitoring and state of the art tools:

Network Security and Strategy

Network Security and Strategy

Multifactor Authentication and other access controls, allied with firewalls, antimalware, and data backups, monitored day and night.

Data Security Compliance

Data Security Compliance

Zeta Sky has expertise in the regulatory landscapes of multiple industries, and a range of solutions to help you meet your obligations.

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

Your first lines of defense are the IT security best practices your employees apply to everything they do with your data.

AWS and Office365 Security Solutions

AWS and Office365 Security Solutions

With their dominance of cloud computing, the AWS architecture and the Office365 platform require dedicated security measures.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Zeta Sky mapped out a plan that made sure we were protected against any cybersecurity attacks or data breaches moving forward.

Greg Tinlin, COO
Gallant Risk & Insurance Service, INC.


With new technologies
come new threats

All organizations are facing an evolving cybersecurity risk environment: The social engineering scam of phishing threatens businesses of all sizes with viruses, ransomware, and intellectual property theft. The growth of workforce mobility is generating unsecured data from devices in the field. And the weakest link continues to be the lack of situational awareness of employees.

To defeat a threat,
first identify it

It is impossible to trust the security of a system unless it is tested. A cyber risk assessment is the most effective tool for revealing security gaps and highlighting urgent risks. These insights can be used to create action plans that partner technologies with the development of soft-skills to build user awareness and vigilance.

Your greatest
vulnerability – or your first line of defense

After 15 years in IT security, we believe every organization needs to apply critical best practices to stay safe. These include network security measures like firewalls, encryption, and access controls to protect your data, automated backups as a failsafe, and educating your human resources on safer passwords and online behavior.

Why choose Zeta Sky?


We stay on top of developments in evolving cyberthreat landscape, ensuring your business is protected against the next new threat.


We are experts in managing our clients' regulatory obligations – whatever pressure you’re under, we can help.

Cost Performance

We fill the talent gap your company needs, but can’t afford - our plans are scalable and deliver.

To find out more about Zeta Sky’s Managed Cybersecurity services and how they can protect your business, take the next step.


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