Managed Cybersecurity

Let us defend your network with sophisticated tools and monitor them day and night for total protection.

Strong defense against the constant barrage of hackers’ attacks

The magnitude of today’s online threats cannot be overstated. There are many, they are effective, and they can corrupt, ransom, steal, or destroy your data in ways that can actually destroy your business. So vigilance is crucial, and the best way to remain watchful at all times is with Zeta Sky’s Managed Cybersecurity service.

We’ll install state-of-the-art firewalls, anti-malware applications, and intrusion detection tools and monitor them 24/7 to ensure they’re all working in unison. But our job won’t end there. A strong defense against data breaches must include frequent stress testing and updates to ensure you stay one step ahead of hackers’ attacks.

Zeta Sky’s Managed Cybersecurity service includes the following key features:

  • Deep analysis of your existing protections
  • Thorough, regularly-scheduled security audits
  • Top-of-the-line antivirus & anti-ransomware apps
  • Round-the-clock surveillance & network scanning
  • Cybersecurity best practices procedures & training

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