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Are you facing these typical Citrix issues?:

Version obsolescence and upgrading

Degraded application performance

Connection failures

Slow logins and startups

Printing problems

End user complaints

For most businesses using the Citrix platform, these issues result from improper
implementation or maintenance.

Zeta Sky is the Inland Empire’s Citrix expert

As an authorized Citrix Service Provider, you can rely on us to solve any performance issues in your Citrix environment. Contact us today to start taking full advantage of the productivity and security benefits offered by Citrix Systems.
“I don’t have to worry about downtime. I don’t have to worry about any latency delays on our side because we have to wait for a file to get there. As soon as I put it on the cloud that Zeta Sky provides us, it’s instant. My guys already have it and they can already start to work.”
Jay Crouch, Director
Global Business Development
Injen Technology

Why are SMB's switching to Citrix?

Because the modern workforce is on the move, at multiple locations on multiple devices, with a mix of traditional and cloud software. Even small businesses are demanding more remote working capabilities. Citrix is a unifying digital workspace platform that gives businesses a better way to operate. It delivers the mobile networking your team needs to be productive while providing the simplicity, security, and visibility to manage it all.

Digital Workspace

Simplicity increases your productivity

Digital Workspace

Simplicity increases your productivity

A unified working environment brings together in one place everything your teams need to safely and easily access their apps and files, regardless of their location or the devices they use

Network Security

Intelligent networking increases your security

Network Security

Intelligent networking increases your security

The Citrix platform leaves behind traditional VPN, firewall-based defense for a people-centric, mobile security perimeter protecting every device in the digital workspace, wherever business is happening

Citrix Analytics

Visibility drives effective strategy

Citrix Analytics

Visibility drives effective strategy

The Citrix platform provides insight into everything administrators need for successful governance, ROI monitoring, and planning
With over 80% of organizations saying IT complexity is a major risk factor, the Citrix system simplifies performance, security, and strategy.

Why choose Zeta Sky?

As your authorized Service Provider, we make the Citrix promise a reality:

We provide all your Citrix planning, migration, optimization, and ongoing technical support


Our services are reliable, easy to use, and consistently delivered regardless of your devices or locations


Our plans adjust on demand to hiring fluctuations, so you never overpay

You can keep your focus on growing your business while fully leveraging the Citrix productivity and security features.

Citrix is easy with Zeta Sky

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Our partnership with Citrix

Citrix is used by virtually all Fortune 500 companies and a growing number of small and medium sized businesses.
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