Is Your Information for sale on the Dark Web?

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Ensure your digital identity is not for sale

Our Dark Web Scan searches for email addresses, usernames, and passwords associated with your domain that are for sale on the dark web. This scan alerts you to any potential accounts the hackers can take advantage of to gain access to your network. For example by luring a fellow team member in a phishing attack or some other kind of targeted scam to steal their credentials.

what is the dark web?

In simple terms, the dark web is a network of websites hidden from standard web browsers. You cannot find these sites with Google or other search engines; only a special type of browser, such as Tor, can access them. Dark websites themselves are not illegal. The dark web uses encryption software to provide secure anonymity. There are legitimate users, like investigative journalists, who need to share sensitive information without disclosing their identity. But because activity is hard to trace on the dark web, you find a lot of illegal and illicit sites. 

Be proactive — secure your business

The dark web is a market for online criminal activity like buying and selling illegal drugs, weapons, fake passports, and stolen data. There is a high probability that you are in a database somewhere on the dark web due to large data breaches, like the Equifax hack. Most victims are unaware of these compromised accounts, so one of the purposes of our Dark Web Scan is to alert you of the most critical breaches that could impact your business or even your personal web accounts.

Is your organization at risk of a data breach?

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Cisco says, “Companies shouldn’t just throw technology at the problem. Up-skilling users and making them more cyber-aware is vital.” The chance of your employees leaking business data continues to increase due to the current surge in remote working. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices, where personal devices connect to business networks, create a higher risk. If employees use their work email addresses and credentials with third party websites for HR, payroll, or banking, the risk is even greater. 

Is your team trained to detect and counter malicious hacking attempts? Zeta Sky can perform a Baseline Security Assessment, where your staff is put through a simulated phishing attack. This gauges their ability to detect a potential cyber-attack. 

Lower your risk with education

Zeta Sky provides annual employee IT Security Awareness Training, including a quiz and certificate upon passing, for each member of your team. This training educates your employees on the risks they face and empowers them to protect themselves and your business.

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