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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack: What you need to know and what it means for your business

In late 2020, the world was hit with news of one of the most sophisticated cyber attacks ever discovered. Having gone undetected for almost nine …

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cyer fraud

BBVA Webinar Defending Against Cyber Fraud

Has your business been involved in cyber fraud? How do you reduce the chances of becoming a victim? How do you reduce your liability and …

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MS Teams

How to Easily Share a Document in Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is an important aspect of any business. Having access to tools and apps that allow for effective collaboration not only enhances productivity, but also …

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Email phishing

Email Phishing: 5 Tips to Stay Safe

Last year, 88% of organizations in the United States reported having experienced some form of a spear-phishing attack. A phishing scam tricks people into giving …

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Twitter Breach Breakdown

Not too long ago, Twitter was breached and a cybercriminal took over the accounts of prominent individuals including Elon Musk, Barrack Obama, and Bill Gates, …

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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series, Part 3: Recommendations

In our first two articles of this series, we looked at 2020 cybersecurity trends and predictions for the future. Cyberattacks and data breaches are risks …

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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series, Part 2: Predictions

Cybersecurity is always changing and trends in 2020 show that there is no let-up for businesses when it comes to protecting their operations and data. …

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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series Part 1: Trends

Cybersecurity remains a struggle for many businesses around the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating that challenge. Cybersecurity trends for 2020 remain centered around threats …

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Honda Ransomware

Another business giant falls victim to a ransomware attack. Still, many smaller businesses continue to neglect cybersecurity. They just don’t think they’re big enough to be …

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