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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series, Part 3: Recommendations

In our first two articles of this series, we looked at 2020 cybersecurity trends and predictions for the future. Cyberattacks and data breaches are risks …

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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series, Part 2: Predictions

Cybersecurity is always changing and trends in 2020 show that there is no let-up for businesses when it comes to protecting their operations and data. …

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Zeta Sky 2020 Cybersecurity Report Series Part 1: Trends

Cybersecurity remains a struggle for many businesses around the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating that challenge. Cybersecurity trends for 2020 remain centered around threats …

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Honda Ransomware

Another business giant falls victim to a ransomware attack. Still, many smaller businesses continue to neglect cybersecurity. They just don’t think they’re big enough to be …

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Key questions to ask when selecting an incident response service provider

An incident response provider can help you create and manage a robust incident response plan that will safeguard your business from the threat of cyberattacks. …

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Can dark web monitoring put your business one step ahead of cybercriminals?

The dark web is a small portion of the internet that most business owners don’t think about, but it’s exactly where your data could end …

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How to Respond to a Data Breach Incident: The First 48 Hours

Has your business just been hacked? Or are you concerned that it might be, and need to create a robust, actionable data breach response plan? …

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The 6 Pillars of an Incident Response Plan

Having a cyber incident response plan in place is vital to ensure that you and your team are prepared should the worst happen. During a …

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Video Conferencing: WebEx vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting

A key challenge when managing work from home employees is how to handle online meetings and webinars. There are several different video-conferencing platforms to choose …

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