IT Support

Technology for the manufacturing industry is our specialty,
and our services will be tailored to your needs.

Fully-managed IT will keep your network of manufacturing facilities and offices running efficiently 24/7.

Manufacturing companies need their IT to be available 100% of the time and able to handle a high volume of user traffic. So your servers, software applications, and cybersecurity tools must be optimized, fully integrated, and supported by knowledgeable technicians and engineers.

This presents a challenge for many businesses, especially manufacturers with national or global distribution where advances in AI, IoT, and Big Data make their networks even more complex. Zeta Sky are here for Inland Empire manufacturers like you, to streamline your business systems, ensure 24/7 accessibility, and eliminate complaints about computer downtime from your employees once and for all.

Here’s what Zeta Sky’s IT service for manufacturers provides:

24/7 monitoring & maintenance of your IT infrastructure
Scalable hardware & software so adding resources is easy
Robust intrusion detection tools for complete peace of mind
Automatic licensing updates for all of your software applications
Cloud computing for easy real-time collaboration
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