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Zeta Sky’s IT support services will improve employee productivity and take IT issues off your hands entirely
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Why Do Inland Empire Manufacturers Choose Zeta Sky?

Many clients come to us in search of relief. They’ve already invested heavily in IT infrastructure, but things don’t always work right for their users. And since computer downtime costs them money – and causes frustration from dealing with internal and external customer complaints – they want change. Zeta Sky offers relief and change.
Not only will we become your expert IT vendor that solves your immediate issues, we’ll become your trusted long-term partner that takes a proactive role in elevating your business technology to help you operate more efficiently.

But we’re more than an expert technology advisor, so we’ll take time to learn about your business and become a trusted part of your team. This will allow us to move your IT support away from the typical reactive model where technicians put out fires, to the proactive model where fires are prevented from starting and your organization’s technology is fully optimized at all times.

You’ll no longer have to hear employees complain about your IT, you’ll no longer be distracted from growing your business by hardware and software malfunctions, and you’ll no longer waste money on expensive, ineffective solutions to solve simple problems.

In short, Inland Empire manufacturers choose Zeta Sky because we understand their needs and invest in their business success. And we’d welcome an opportunity to make technology work flawlessly for you and your people, too.

IT partnership with Zeta Sky, by the numbers…


Average wait time to speak to a technician

of Issues
0 %
Resolved on the first call or email to technical support
of Clients
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Stay in partnership with Zeta Sky for five years or longer
.. and counting, across the US where we support our clients

What Our Clients Have To Say

Before working with Zeta Sky, management had to take turns over the weekends to come into the office and reset the server. It was a nightmare! The only IT support we had for a long time was a remote consultant. Then Zeta Sky came along proposed a cloud-based network, and it was life-changing. I don’t know how else to sum it up.

Wilsie Diaz, Director
Deluxe Auto Carriers

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People We Help

Business Owners & Executives

Partner with Zeta Sky and be rid of IT complaints from employees. Better yet, the reduction in computer downtime means they get more work done, more efficiently.

Operations Managers & Administrators

Our fully-Managed IT Services and solutions not only increase productivity, they’ll eliminate the stress that you and your teams feel with unreliable technology.

IT Leaders & In-House Technicians

Our co-Managed IT Services are available on demand whenever you need something taken off your plate.

Industries We Serve

Manufacturing & Distribution
Transportation & Logistics
Law Firms & Insurance Agencies

It’s Easy To Partner With Zeta Sky

We take a clear, ordered approach to assess your IT and implement solutions

1 Initial Contact
Call or email and a Zeta Sky technician will hear you out then set you up with a no-cost, no-obligation on-site assessment of your network.
2 IT Assessment ​
We’ll visit your facility to evaluate your hardware, software, and security, then provide a detailed report, FREE of charge.
3 Issues Resolved
The detailed report will serve as a roadmap to optimizing your IT network and eliminating complaints from employees forever.
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