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Actionable insights for securing data and ensuring regulatory compliance

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Zeta Sky’s Cyber Risk Assessment represents a deep dive into your organization’s infrastructure, processes, and cybersecurity environment. The objective is to drive actions which lead to results.


Identify Threats
and Vulnerabilities


Align Targeted Solutions


Ensure Security and

Zeta Sky’s Cyber Risk Assessment will answer today’s most
important security related questions:

Secure IT infrastructure brings peace of mind

For organizations of 50 employees, or 5000

With constantly evolving cybercrime, it is essential to secure the integrity of your network, devices, and data. However, it is impossible to trust the security of a system unless it is tested. Zeta Sky’s Cyber Risk Assessment gives you insights into the resiliency of your infrastructure and policies when faced with your industry’s most relevant threats. The assessment results will reveal strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Most importantly, they will guide the strategies that ensure safe productivity, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind.

The Process



Get in touch with Zeta Sky by filling out the form. Things move quicker if we have an idea of your headcount, the number of servers, and your core applications.



We’ll schedule a call to learn more about your infrastructure, processes, and regulatory environment, and outline how this assessment will benefit your firm.



Zeta Sky consultants go on-site to dive deep into your systems, identifying threats, exposing vulnerabilities, and aligning solutions.



Zeta Sky delivers a full risk assessment and security report providing insights, recommendations, and an action plan targeting each security gap.

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Typical Scope
of Work

Zeta Sky’s Cyber Risk Assessment

Network Topography

  • Collect the physical details regarding hardware, design, and layout
  • Inventory the assets, servers, workstations, and applications
  • Review your existing protocols for IT layout, backup and disaster recovery, access controls, etc.

User Impact

  • Study your user workflows and how they interact with the network and applications
  • Identify where personal information is flowing and how it is secured

Security Posture

  • Review your current security solutions
  • Perform penetration testing and other simulated attacks
  • Reveal vulnerabilities, fill gaps, and assign risk levels

Risk Assessment

  • Conduct surveys to document current policies and procedures
  • Analyze threats and risk factors
  • Determine best-aligned countermeasures


  • Produce report and present findings
  • Develop roadmap with suggested solutions for closing or reducing risks throughout the network

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Not ready for a deep dive? We also offer the Zeta Sky Free Network Assessment. It provides a high level view of your cybersecurity risk factors and will quickly reveal any gaping holes or looming threats. It is an excellent first step for those trying to get a handle on today’s growing cybersecurity risks, and invaluable for helping shape long and short term cybersecurity strategies.