Cloud Services

Increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and bolster productivity with cost-effective cloud solutions

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, not leveraging the proper technology could cost your business big bucks. Clients demand speedy service, employees want the flexibility to work remotely, and you’re looking for an economical, reliable, and secure solution to satisfy all requirements. This is where Zeta Sky’s cloud services come in.

With the right cloud infrastructure in place, you can fully utilize your existing resources by running multiple applications onto fewer servers, saving physical space, and reducing costs. We also ensure you get complete flexibility, transparency and control of your network and data, setting us apart from other MSPs. Whether you’re looking to host a single application or build a full Desktop-as-a-Service solution, Zeta Sky can help

“Unlike many Cloud providers who prefer that you migrate to “their” Cloud, we can build a custom-tailored and secure solution for your company”

Zeta Sky’s Cloud Service options include:

As the most common and recognizable cloud computing model, public cloud services are formed using a pool of shared physical resources, and are accessible over the internet.

Features and Benefits
Get the cloud resources you need whenever you need them, and achieve greater flexibility and cost efficiency as your business grows
Cost Efficiency
Since underlying resources are shared across various servers requiring less personalized planning, public cloud users benefit from greater economies of scale
Public cloud systems allow you and your employees to access work files anytime, anywhere

A private cloud model lets a single client enjoy greater control over their data and resources in a highly secure cloud-based environment.

Features and Benefits
Security and Privacy
This highly secure option provides clients with cloud resources protected by state-of-the-art firewalls, on-site hosting, and restricted authorization
More Control
Manage your resources without worrying about external intrusion with cloud resources that provide access only to your organization
Cost and Energy Efficiency
Save physical storage and reduce costs with a cloud system that ensures resources are available when you need them, allowing your organization to be highly responsive to growth opportunities

A hybrid cloud model offers the combined benefits of public and private cloud.

Features and Benefits
Cost Efficiency
The integration of the public and private cloud allows for secured, shared resources, enabling scalability and facilitating economies of scale
The hybrid cloud allows your employees to access select, important business files anytime, anywhere
The hybrid model is capable of securing sensitive business files and operations when needed

Desktop-as-a-Service means that your desktop (think: icons, wallpaper, windows, folder, etc.) is stored on a server, away from your office on a local PC. This affords users easily accessible data and applications on any device, anywhere.

Features and Benefits
Reduced Capital Expenditure
Our DaaS service is fully managed, licensed and upgraded, giving you more capital resources available on-demand
High Reliability
We provide 99.9% uptime with our high-grade infrastructure, security, and support
DaaS’ inherent scaling capacity makes it a perfect fit for rapidly expanding businesses
Budget Planning
Our fixed, pay-as-you-go pricing eliminates unexpected repair costs, allowing you to plan cash-flows easily