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After more than a decade of growth in the performance auto parts industry, Injen was facing a common problem: aging servers. Their success had taken them global, but their network wasn’t up to the task of keeping their teams connected to the R&D and manufacturing base in the US. Data bottlenecks and latency issues were causing production delays, and their salespeople, designers, and technicians were out of sync.

Also not up to the task was their MSP, who wasn’t delivering the level of support needed for Injen’s complex manufacturing processes and high quality-control standards. When the decision was made to upgrade the servers and the quote seemed too high, Injen parted ways with that provider.

Their goal was to find a new MSP that was transparent and prioritized the relationship with the client. They wanted to “feel the love” from a trusted IT partner, one that gave them options and tailored technology to their business instead of just selling them an expensive IT overhaul.

Injen’s choice of Zeta Sky was based on their proposed custom cloud solution, which was competitively priced and promised better collaboration for their globetrotting team.


Zeta Sky migrated Injen Technology’s systems and data to the cloud, providing the instantaneous data access and tools their teams need to meet the demands of a growing international customer base. With virtual desktops hosted in the cloud, they have no more servers onsite to manage. This freed up space, cut utility costs, and removed the constant worry about server security. And they are able to continue using their existing computers, yet provide all of the newest apps to their employees.

THE Results:

Injen no longer has to worry about maintaining and replacing servers. More importantly, their new agile cloud computing ecosystem has been a huge benefit to their team as they continue to grow their business globally. And the support they receive from their IT partner creates a sense of confidence that they can continue to meet the needs of their customers around the world.

About Injen Technology

Injen Technology Logo

Injen Technology designs, builds, and distributes automotive intake and exhaust systems for the global high-performance aftermarket. They are recognized worldwide for innovative industry-leading R&D and cutting-edge manufacturing. Founded in 1998 and based in California, Injen faces the challenges of keeping a globalized workforce connected. They have partnered with Zeta Sky since 2016

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