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Started in 2001, Deluxe AC expanded rapidly from a single owner-operated truck to a fleet of auto-carriers running throughout the western US. But as they grew, the IT choices they made left them with an ecosystem unable to keep up.

First, they began to need better communication with their growing number of drivers, who were operating further and further afield. Similarly, they needed better communication with their customers, who were trusting them with ever more valuable and demanding jobs. And most importantly, they needed to upgrade their network: Server outages were beginning to affect business and it was time to find a better solution.

On top of the IT issues, Deluxe AC had outgrown their facilities and desperately needed to move somewhere larger and more modern. They realized they needed professional IT support, someone able to bring their technology in line with their business goals.


In 2018, Deluxe AC chose Zeta Sky to rebuild their network and solve their communication problems. Instead of replacing their in-house servers, Zeta Sky proposed a more competitive cloud solution that drastically reduced Deluxe’s capital outlay. Deluxe AC liked the idea of having all their data and applications hosted in a private cloud and not dependent on a local server. It would enable them to scale their business, provide remote access to staff and customers, and deliver the redundancy and uptime they needed to run their business.

Zeta Sky built Deluxe AC a virtual private cloud ecosystem on AWS, with complete redundancy and disaster recovery protection. They integrated the Citrix platform and Office 365, so that all team members can access data and applications, securely, from any device on-site or out on the road. Zeta Sky equipped the auto-carrier fleet with GPS, and set up a hosted VoIP communication system to replace the legacy telephones. Together, these technologies delivered a huge improvement over their previous IT ecosystem.

Then, when Deluxe AC moved their headquarters into a new state-of-the-art building, Zeta Sky helped coordinate all the technology they needed, from high speed internet, to video surveillance, access controls, and cabling and networking for the entire property. The transition was seamless.

THE Results:

Deluxe AC’s secure and agile cloud ecosystem has allowed them to grow without worrying about IT headaches. They now have over 150 employees and a car-carrier fleet numbering in the hundreds. Their people can work remotely without issue, yet management has full control over who can access the corporate network. They don’t hear complaints from staff about IT related problems any more, and everyone is able to be much more productive.

About Deluxe Auto Carriers

Deluxe AC was established in 2001 by Jesse Holguin with a single truck. Together with his business partner Raul Silva, they now have over 150 employees and operate a fleet of car transporters across the US. They have become one of the largest independent auto carriers on the West Coast and attribute much of their success to effective and reliable IT services from Zeta Sky.
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