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Deluxe Auto Carriers were a small start-up company in 2001, running their IT “on a home server.” They soon experienced an explosive growth phase that outpaced their abilities to keep their physical technology up to date and their network properly managed.


THE Results:

Zeta Sky’s cloud computing expertise alleviated Deluxe Auto Carriers’ IT challenges while they were expanding from a one-truck fleet to 100 trucks. Their employees can now access their data and applications from anywhere they do business in CA, AZ, and NV, and there is no more physical technology to manage since everything is securely hosted offsite.

About Deluxe Auto Carriers

Now in their tenth year, Gallant is a full line insurance brokerage headquartered in Corona, California. Customer fulfillment is of paramount importance to Gallant, and they strive to cultivate lasting and synergistic relationships with their clients. Maintaining these relationships, and their critical security obligations, requires a range of technologies. They’ve partnered with Zeta Sky since 2012.

“After moving into our new offices, we realized we really didn’t have good IT policies and procedures in place. Data security is paramount in our business: We are dealing with client information — sensitive information — and our clients trust that we are going to secure that information. So it’s very important for us to have an IT partner who sees that same vision and can bring the resources to us, so we can make sure we are properly protecting that data.”
Blake Pierson
Equity Partner,
Gallant Risk & Insurance Services
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