Would you bet that your current backup strategy is robust and secure?

Would you bet that your current backup strategy is robust and secure

In today’s world, where businesses rely on digital data, it’s essential to have a robust backup and recovery system for data and the continuity of servers. Data loss or server downtime can have disastrous consequences for businesses, leading to loss of revenue, customers, and reputation. A reliable backup and recovery system is the best defense against these threats.

There are two main types of backups: file-level backups and image-based backups. File-level backups only backup data, meaning they don’t include operating systems, applications, or system settings. In the event of a restoration, file-level backups require a full rebuild of the servers, followed by importing the data. This process can be time-consuming, especially for large servers.

On the other hand, image-based backup technology takes a full backup of the server, including the data, applications, operating system, and all settings. This makes recovery much quicker in the event of a server failure or disaster. Image-based backups can also be scheduled to run automatically, ensuring that the data is backed up regularly.

Another crucial aspect of backup and recovery is the importance of having an offsite backup that is secure and separate from the main network. In the event of a catastrophic event such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, having offsite backups can ensure that businesses can recover their data and systems. It’s important to note that the offsite backups should be encrypted and secured, so hackers cannot gain access to them.

Moreover, it’s critical to test the backup and recovery system regularly to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. A backup system that’s not tested regularly may fail when needed most. Unfortunately, we have seen this in many cases where an IT Manager goes to recover their servers from backups only to find out they are corrupt.

If you’re unsure about the state of your backup and recovery system, Zeta Sky can provide a comprehensive backup assessment to evaluate the health of your backup systems. This assessment will include a thorough evaluation of your current backup systems and infrastructure, identifying any issues that could result in data loss or system downtime. Our team of experts will evaluate your current backup processes, including the frequency of backups, the storage location of backups, and the type of backups being taken.

Based on our findings, we will provide you with a detailed report on the current health of your backup systems and recommendations for ensuring that they are secure and reliable. These recommendations may include changes to backup frequency, backup storage location, and implementing additional backup processes such as image-based backups.

At Zeta Sky, we understand the importance of backup and recovery systems for businesses, and we strive to provide our clients with the best backup and recovery solutions to keep their operations moving forward during a disaster. Our complimentary backup assessment service is designed to help businesses identify and address any potential vulnerabilities in their backup systems, ensuring that their data and systems are safe and secure. Contact us today and let us make sure your company’s backup strategy is up to par.

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