Why have SMBs Embraced Cloud Technology?

It’s becoming harder and harder to find companies that aren’t using or considering using cloud technology. Businesses of all kinds, especially the small and medium-sized firms in Riverside and Ontario, are moving their data and apps to this online platform to save money and increase productivity.

What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology is used to describe a service that involves the delivery of IT resources — from digital storage to fully-functional desktops — over the internet. Firms that provide these computing services are known as “cloud providers” and normally charge for their online services according to usage, just like the bills you get when you use electricity or water at home.

You may be using cloud technology right now without even realizing it. If you use services like Gmail, Spotify, or Netflix, cloud technology is working behind the scenes to make things happen. Email attachments, music files, and movies from these apps aren’t stored on your computer, they are streamed over the internet. Because cloud-based apps can be accessed by almost any device with internet access, your organization can use them to work or conduct business from anywhere with a connection. Any business can benefit from this, but SMBs are especially well suited for cloud technology.


Today’s SMBs rely on a wide variety of Managed IT services to maintain their edge over the competition. Cloud technology is one of the few services that is low-maintenance and cost-effective, as it provides enterprise-level storage and computing services at affordable rates. In fact, the RightScale State of the Cloud Report revealed that 38% of businesses are prioritizing the cloud this year compared to the 29% of last year.

Migrating your business to the cloud also eliminates the need for on-site technicians to install and maintain IT hardware. Your firm’s data and apps will operate on off-site servers that are managed by your cloud provider, making sure that software updates are installed quickly and downtime events are resolved in minutes


Business owners have every right to be paranoid with what seems like non-stop news of data breaches, leaks, and hacks. But with cloud technology, cybersecurity is handled by certified technicians in high-security data centers. This is much safer than an on-site server that is vulnerable to cyber threats.

Aside from protecting your data, the cloud streamlines the process of backing up and restoring data after a disaster, such as break-ins, fires, and floods.

Increased Productivity

If you want your business to succeed, you have to stay updated with IT trends and best practices so that you keep your competitive edge. Cloud technology will help your company achieve all of this by allowing employees to access their productivity tools anytime and anywhere while collaborating with colleagues, external clients, and internal stakeholders.


As your company grows, your IT infrastructure will grow with it. Instead of hiring hourly IT contractors, purchasing new servers, and installing on-site hardware, the cloud allows you to expand your solutions and access new ones almost as soon as you request them. Your cloud provider will handle everything from the addition of new users to regulatory compliance configurations.

Cloud solutions also mean you no longer need to worry about software licenses. Those costs will be included in your monthly subscription, and if you only need a service for a short period of time, you’ll pay a fraction of what a lifelong license would cost.

Has your business moved to the cloud yet?

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