Why cloud computing is essential for today’s mobile working environment

If you remember the days of cubicle farms and the soul-destroying grind of the rat race that came with them, then you’re probably ready to join the new age of workforce mobility. A recent study found that almost 40% of the global workforce consisted of mobile workers back in 2017, and that number only continues to grow. Thanks to the unprecedented rise of cloud and mobile technologies, employees are no longer tied to the office desk.

Today, employees are increasingly scattered across geographical regions, connecting instead through online collaboration platforms, and using cloud-hosted desktops to easily access their office systems, no matter where they are. In fact, some businesses don’t even have fixed offices anymore. Instead, they are relying on a talent network that’s spread across the nation and beyond. Much of this is thanks to the rise of cloud computing.

Enabling collaboration on the move

Cloud computing is nothing new, but it’s come a long way since web-based email to deliver a huge range of online services that foster cross-border communication and collaboration. Now, teams can work through platforms like Slack, communicate through Skype for Business, and even co-author documents in Google Docs. People can now work from afar as though they’re in the same room.

Facilitating business continuity

While there’s no denying that the increased freedom comes with unique challenges of its own, cloud technologies have become essential for ensuring business continuity. Instead of consolidating your assets in one place and thereby creating a single point of failure, the cloud provides a decentralized approach complete with built-in redundancies and anywhere-accessibility. The cloud empowers employees to work from home without the downtime.

Working with the best talent

Even if you’re based in a major city, it’s rarely easy to find the best talent, particularly if budgets are slim. The cloud helps you snag the best talent by eliminating geographical boundaries entirely. You can now use cloud project management tools like Trello or collaboration platforms like SharePoint to retain the best talent for your organization. In fact, you can even provide full-fledged virtual desktop experiences to your remote workers using major providers like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google.

Allowing workplace flexibility

The conventional office environment isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, but the cloud does allow for workplace flexibility. Regardless of their experience and skill sets, some people prefer to work exclusively from home, while others prefer to work from co-working spaces or even the local coffee shop. Others like a combination of the traditional office environment and the occasional day spent working from the comfort of home. Furthermore, everyone has different preferences when it comes to work schedules and the devices they use. Cloud services work through a browser, which means they’re accessible from any internet-connected device, regardless of its operating system.

Boosting employee productivity

People tend to work better when they’re more comfortable with their surroundings. The ability to accommodate these individual needs can increase productivity significantly. It’s also about the devices people prefer to use. If, for example, you’re forcing everyone in the office to use Windows, long-time Mac users may end up having to spend time trying to learn how to use an entirely new system. Also, since cloud services are proactively managed by the vendor, users no longer need to worry about things like updates and maintenance. If there’s a problem, all they need to do is open a support ticket instead of wasting time trying to find workarounds themselves.

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