What is Desktop-as-a-Service, and how does it help small businesses?

When it comes to desktop computing, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a computer or laptop that sits on a desk. However, imagine that the computer in front of you is nothing more than a mouse, keyboard, and monitor connected to the internet. The parts of the computer that process all the 1s and 0s into apps, documents, and emails are in a remote datacenter that you connect to over the internet. Think of it like your mouse, monitor, and keyboard just have really, really long cables and your PC is across town.

That’s a bit of an oversimplification, but it’s how desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) works from an end user’s point of view. As long as you have a business-ready internet connection, DaaS has a lot to offer in the way of increased security and reduced costs. Without getting into the technical side of things, let’s discuss how those benefits work.

Reducing your reliance on in-house technology

In-house technology, such as hardware for high-end workstations and servers, is expensive to run, maintain, and upgrade. For example, a new processing unit for a single computer costs hundreds of dollars. Moreover, when something goes wrong and needs replacing, that’s an unexpected expense that can quickly eat away at your bottom line.

Being reliant on in-house technology also means you’re somewhat reliant on in-house technicians, which is difficult for most small organizations. Since there will be days when they are overwhelmed and others when they will have nothing to troubleshoot, paying salaries to in-house technicians is not an efficient use of money.

Cloud-hosted desktops completely eliminate the need for costly hardware. All you need is a cheap, barebones computer and a connection to the internet. In fact, if you allow your employees to use their own devices for work, you won’t even need to supply the barebones computer. Instead, you pay a flat monthly price for each cloud desktop you need and each one is customized based on how much computing power an employee needs for work.

Agility and scalability

Even if spreading the cost of desktop hardware across a few years of monthly payments doesn’t appeal to you, the simplicity and scalability of DaaS are undeniable. That’s because one cloud desktop doesn’t connect to a standalone computer in your provider’s datacenter. A cloud desktop actually uses a portion of a server’s resources, and that portion can be increased or decreased, along with the price to use it, based on changes to your day-to-day needs.

Your entire desktop experience will be akin to an app that can be copied, backed up, or modified. If you hire a new employee who needs an identical desktop to his or her coworker, your DaaS provider can have it ready far quicker than a traditional desktop computer.

That translates into fewer and cheaper office hardware components, as well as the ability to back up and restore a cloud desktop from anywhere.

Empowering and securing a mobile workforce

The mobile workforce is expanding fast as people become accustomed to working from home or on the move, rather than being chained to their desk. It’s great for productivity, but also makes it difficult to ensure everyone has the same tools and that those tools are secured. DaaS means that all your employees’ computers can be configured and secured from a single location.

Virtual desktops work with most internet-connected devices, and some are even optimized for smartphones and tablets. But it doesn’t matter where or how your employees connect to their cloud desktops, providers like Zeta Sky ensure that connections are always safe and cybersecurity software is always top-of-the-line.

Zeta Sky helps organizations in the Ontario area achieve peak IT performance with managed services that offer flexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology. Speak with one of our experts today to find out more.

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