[Video] What is the Dark Web?

The web is like an iceberg, composed of 3 layers:

  1. Worldwide web
  2. Deep web 
  3. Dark web

The top layer, the worldwide web, is everything we’re familiar with as consumers – Yahoo, Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer.

But did you know, the deep web and the dark web compose most of the internet? 

The deep web consists of things like data from Libraries, law firms, and even medical records. However, it’s not readily accessible via search engines. 

The dark web, on the other hand, is the seedy part of the network. You need a particular encrypted browser to access it, and it’s a hackers’ paradise. The dark web is where they buy and sell credit card information, release personal information (like the Equifax hack), and even traffic drugs.

Dark web monitoring helps prevent the above from happening by alerting you when information or credentials are compromised. 

Zeta Sky can secure your business by implementing dark web monitoring as a service. Discover how by contacting us today!


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