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MFA stands for multi-factor authentication. It’s a fancy word for saying when you log into something like a website, and you need another type of authentication. Not just your username and password but something else.

For example, when you log into your bank account from a new browser or location, you may receive a text message with the code, to help verify that it’s you trying to log in.

Why is MFA so important?

MFA is responsible for an over 85% reduction in hacking. If somebody steals your username, which is usually your email address, and if you have an elementary password, then someone could easily hack your account. However, with MFA enabled, a hacker would also need access to your cell phone when they’re trying to access your account. This additional step significantly reduces the chance of a hacker gaining access to your account. 

In business, we can apply MFA to any software solution that you use, like your Office 365 account, and even your network. 

MFA is crucial in keeping your business secure. Discover how our IT solutions can make a difference in your business’s security by contacting us today!

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