Tips For Backing Up Your Data Effectively

Tips For Backing Up Your Data Effectively

It goes without saying that businesses should get in the habit of regularly backing up their sensitive data. Backups are critical when a company laptop is stolen, or when a workstation suddenly breaks down. It is also a perfect recovery option when the computer gets infected with ransomware, a terrible strain of malware that encrypts your files and that will delete them if you do not send money to a specified email account or website.

Managed services providers like Zeta Sky offer professional backup and recovery services that replicate not one, but multiple copies of your data for safekeeping. If you’re still on the fence about which backup solution is best for your business, we’ve compiled several options below to help you make the right decision.

Keep your data in the Cloud

Advances in computer technology and the internet have given birth to a growing number of cloud storage services. The top providers offer comprehensive encryption techniques to keep your data safe. You have the option of either using their services for free with certain restrictions, or paying a small fee for additional storage space. These services are accessible by mobile devices and computers that have an internet connection.

Some of the major cloud storage providers include:

  • Dropbox – This service offers business and personal subscriptions. The personal account has 2GB of free storage space. Users can download the app to immediately utilize the cloud repository.
  • OneDrive – This online storage solution can be accessed in Windows 10 through the file explorer or a mobile app, but the user must have a verified Microsoft account or Outlook email address to access the service. OneDrive users get 5GB of cloud storage for free.
  • Google Drive – While this cloud storage option is integrated with Android devices by default, Mac and Windows users can download a desktop program so they can drag and drop files right from their PCs. Access to the service requires a Gmail account, and users get 15GB of free space, while business accounts get 30GB of storage.
  • iCloud – This solution provides 5GB of cloud storage for users of Apple products. Those who have Windows installed in their computers can still sync their files in the iCloud Drive through a desktop app.

There are new service providers such as iDrive, Spideroak One, Box, Nextcloud and Mega, but it is best to sign up with a vendor that has been in operation for at least a few years. Otherwise, you might try to sign in one day and find out that the provider has gone out of business and all your data lost.

Save your data in an external hard drive

More portable external hard drives are showing up in the market and can be connected to a computer via a USB port. These devices are easy to use, as you simply plug it in and transfer your important files from one drive to the other.

There are external hard drives with software which schedule backups so you don’t have to do it yourself. Some of the newer models are even wireless, connecting to your computer via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Burn your data in a Blu-Ray disc, DVD or CD

This used to be the best way to back up data before Zeta Sky and other companies began offering cloud computing solutions for clients. There are still computers with built-in optical disk drives that let you save files, but if your workstation does not have one, you can transfer your files to an external drive via the USB port.

Regardless of the option you select for archiving your files, make sure you use it regularly. It is also prudent to consider at least two backup solutions just to be on the safe side. If you want more information on ideal ways to keep your important data safe, contact the professionals at Zeta Sky for a complimentary consultation and take your business sky high today!

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