The benefits of Co-Managed IT services

You’ve faced the facts: Your IT team is stretched too thin. Downtime has become common, network updates are often forgotten, and your IT is slowing your business down, instead of helping it grow. What can you do? 

You value your IT manager, so you do not want to replace your entire team with an outsourced service. At the same time, you don’t have the budget to hire another full time employee. Could Co-Managed IT services be the answer? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Co-Managed IT services to find out. 

3 advantages of Co-Managed IT services

If you’ve never heard of Co-Managed IT, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Your IT is co-managed by both your internal staff and a team of experts from an MSP or outsourced IT company. Implementing this type of model provides several key advantages:

1. Co-Managed IT saves time and money

Choosing this service model will give you an entire team of experienced IT specialists. You gain all these resources for the same cost of hiring one in-house staff member. What’s more, you aren’t obligated to pay for their benefits, sick leave, vacation time, or even training.

IT providers that offer co-managed services are trained on the latest technology and have experience working with IT departments. This means, after a brief onboarding, they can quickly get to work. All you pay is a fixed monthly fee and in return you gain the high-tech equipment, expertise, support, and advice you need to reduce costs, combat inefficiencies, and improve your business operations.

Another benefit is that if you ever want to scale your IT support up or down, you can do so with ease. This flexibility enables you to quickly downgrade to cut costs or ramp up to facilitate rapid business growth, without the stress, time, and costs of hiring or firing employees.  

2. Co-Managed IT strengthens security

With your IT staff stretched thin handling daily user support issues, cybersecurity policy and enforcement may be falling to the wayside. When you partner with a Co-Managed IT provider, they can take over your cybersecurity and focus on protecting your business. Your new IT partner can assess your system for security gaps, help implement cybersecurity best practices, keep you up to speed on the latest threats, and offer security awareness training for your employees.

As well as reducing your vulnerability to attack, an experienced service provider can strengthen your ability to survive a breach by developing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. In addition, they can offer secure data backup, both on and offsite, ensuring your data is recoverable in the event of a breach or catastrophe.   

3. Co-Managed IT ignites growth

When your IT team is overwhelmed with user issues, they become little more than firefighters. They don’t have the time to focus on long term projects that create growth. Instead, they’re trapped in the daily routine of putting out IT fires and keeping the company’s technology up and running.

A co-managed partner will bring an arsenal of the latest technologies, resources, and experts to propel your business growth to new heights. Your team will finally be able to delegate the firefighting and gain the support they need to carry out proactive maintenance and ambitious long-term projects that were previously pushed aside.

What’s more, Co-Managed IT providers have clear-cut accountability for the services they provide. To satisfy the response times laid out in their SLA, many offer round-the-clock support and monitor systems through the night, making downtime a thing of the past.

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