Signs that it’s time to switch IT support

Are you getting maximum value from your IT service provider? Slow service, a lack of accountability, and stagnated business growth can all indicate that your MSP isn’t hitting the mark. Here are 4 warning signs that it’s time to switch service provider.

1. They are reactive instead of proactive

Do you only hear from your current IT provider when you reach out to them for support? A reactive provider may “monitor” your systems as part of their monthly services, but won’t take steps to prevent issues from occurring. In other words, they’re more like an on call break/fix engineer. When something goes wrong they show up, but otherwise they’re out of sight, out of mind.  

When cybersecurity protocols and system maintenance are not prioritized, it leaves your organization vulnerable to cyber threats, downtime, and unexpected expenses. And when an incident does occur, your “reactive” monthly fee might not cover the costs to recover. 

Ultimately, this is a false economy: While your monthly fee may be low, you could end up paying a hefty bill when something goes wrong. For example, if your system becomes infected with ransomware, depending on the size of your organization you could be hit with a bill upwards of $15,000 or higher.

A true managed service provider covers all aspects of your IT within their set monthly fee, with no hidden costs. This means it is in their best interest to proactively prevent costly security incidents and equipment failures. By providing a positive customer experience on a more predictable budget, they can secure long-term partnerships and referrals, making it win-win.

2. They lack expertise and resources

If your IT provider lacks technical expertise and resources, they are unlikely to be capable of offering long-term IT strategy and advice. This could mean you miss out on important cost savings and growth opportunities. 

They may also be forced to rely on outsourcing, which can lead to miscommunication, delays, and a lack of scalability. If your business grows or transitions to new processes, your service provider might not be able to accommodate your growing needs.

A true managed IT service provider should have expert in-house staff dedicated to all aspects of business technology. They should also act as your CIO, helping you to leverage technology to meet your business goals. 

3. They fail to offer accountability or autonomy

Think about your interactions with your provider. When something goes wrong with your systems, how do they react? Do they blame you or point to your contract’s fine print, arguing it’s not covered? Or do they step up to the plate? 

Your provider should be a trusted ally who takes full responsibility for your IT and any issues that arise. They should provide a service agreement that lays out clear commitments to quality, availability and responsibilities.

If you fear your service provider will hold you hostage to their servers and/or virtualization services upon cancelling, this is a big red flag. Any respectable MSP makes it clear that your IT systems and data aren’t locked in and you’re free to leave at any time.

4. Business growth has stagnated

If your business hasn’t grown or become more efficient since hiring your MSP, it might be time to
change service provider. When you hire an MSP, you’re investing in your business.Think of it as hiring an IT department. As with any investment, you should gain measurable results in the form of increased productivity, growth, and efficiency. 

If you haven’t experienced any of these positive changes, at least after the first year together, you’re not getting the best value. Find an IT service provider who is invested in your growth—that’s when you’ll really start to see the benefits an MSP can offer. 

Still unsure if you should change service providers?

If your service provider only displays some of the above warning signs, you’re probably still wondering whether to
switch IT support. If that’s the case, try answering these 6 questions:

  1. Are your costs stable month to month, or are you at risk of sudden fees?
  2. Does your service cover “incident response” in the event of a data breach?
  3. If you need to work with a third party vendor, is that included in your service package?
  4. Does your monthly service include onsite support? 
  5. Does your IT provider carry out employee security awareness training to protect your business?
  6. Are you free to end your contract at any time and take all of your IT systems with you? 

A true MSP should provide an all-inclusive service that facilitates business growth and security, without any nasty hidden fees. If you’re receiving anything less, it’s time to consider switching providers.  

Why you should switch to Zeta Sky’s fully-managed services

Your IT provider should make you excited about the growth benefits of technology and offer peace of mind that your business is secure. At Zeta Sky, we do just that. 

For one predictable, flat monthly fee, we provide a full-service IT solution that optimizes your technology for maximum return on your investment. We lead with proactive cybersecurity measures, and can tailor our range of services to meet both your technology support needs and the future goals of your business. Only special projects, adding a new location, or an increase in users will affect the monthly fee that is proposed. 

To find out how Zeta Sky can benefit your business, schedule your free discovery session today. 

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