Optimize your Business Communications With These VoIP Features

Clear communication is a vital part of any company’s success. It’s one reason why more enterprises are ditching their unreliable and expensive analog phone systems to an internet-able, mobile, and feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.

Hosted VoIP services are powering up small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Ontario and Riverside with enterprise-level capabilities that aren’t bogged down by IT maintenance. Whether your firm needs a fully hosted PBX system or a hybrid telephony system, VoIP has features to simplify and improve customer communication tasks.

Customer relationship management systems

One of the most practical benefits of a VoIP systems is how they connect to customer relationship management (CRM) software. This lets the members of your workforce speak to a person on the phone while viewing information about their sales, marketing, and management tools at the same time.

Your employees need the most up-to-date information to be successful on the phone and create memorable customer experiences. CRM and VoIP integration also enhances business intelligence efforts by organizing overwhelming amounts of client information into more comprehensible chunks that help managers and executives make informed business decisions.

Affordable International and Long Distance calls

Traditional phone lines charge extra for international and long distance calls, whereas internet-based phones charge the same flat rate. SMBs that make and receive a high volume of calls will benefit the most from this VoIP feature. Businesses can also take advantage of SIP Trunking, which reduces VoIP hardware costs and makes it easier to add or subtract phone lines.

Cloud Enablement

In a perfect world, VoIP is just one part of a bigger system known as Unified Communications (UC), wherein all your communication and collaboration solutions are combined into a single platform. UC integrates video conferencing, VoIP, email, instant messaging, and more into a straightforward cloud service.

Cloud Enablement lets you outsource tech support and monitoring to an off-premises Managed IT Services provider. Doing this will free up office space and human resources, bring your utility bills down, and ultimately save you money.

Auto Attendant

If you have seven seconds to make a good first impression, a VoIP auto attendant is a huge help. An auto-attendant has features like the dial-by-name and department menu, which channels calls to the right person and helps your employees spend less time on the phone.

Remote support

Hosting a VoIP solution in the cloud means you get 24/7 support from certified technicians. Necessary hardware is located in an IT provider’s data center and the software you use to access it is in the cloud, which means on-site visits are few and far between.

Mobile and cloud computing platforms are easier to work with. Your business simply has to download the software provided by the service provider, install it on any device with a microphone, and occasionally set up a router where and when the company needs it.

Upgrade to VoIP

If you’re still using an outdated phone system, or not getting enough value from an existing VoIP service, it’s time to upgrade. Internet-based phone services are not a fad, especially for SMBs. This technology will continue to evolve in the coming years, and the earlier you migrate, the more prepared you’ll be for future developments.

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