Enhance Your SMB’s Cybersecurity With These Tips

Owning a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) is no guarantee that cybercriminals will not attempt to hack your network. This mindset of “they won’t find much to steal here” is common among small business owners when it comes to cybersecurity, and it could cause problems for you in the long run.

SMBs are actually the ideal targets for hackers because of their lack of skilled IT staff, their company size, and the minimal funds allocated to cybersecurity.

Your firm is at risk if it is not protected from a cyberattack. Hackers want information about your business, including customers’ data, employee details, and sources of income or revenue. If they gain illegal access to such sensitive information, it will harm your relationships with other vendors, customers, and even employees.

How can your SMB prevent cyberattacks?

Here are a few guidelines to better defend your firm against hackers.

Use a firewall. This hardware device or software application offers a virtual barrier between hackers and your sensitive data. More businesses are working with Managed IT Services to install more than one firewall for extra protection. Employees who are working remotely should also install a firewall in their mobile device to maintain a high-level of security.

Create a security plan for mobile devices and BYOD. More businesses now allow their employees to Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), and almost everyone owns a mobile phone or tablet computer. It is therefore essential for you to draft BYOD policies. that focus on security.

Aside from tablets, smartphones, and laptops that can access your office network, popular wearable devices like fitness trackers and smart watches should also be included in the policy. Make sure that your employees have their devices set to automatically download security updates, and that they comply with any password policies that your firm has.

Educate your workforce. Cybercriminals are constantly thinking of new ways to hack into networks and steal data, so it is vital for your IT Service Provider to keep your company’s security policies up to date. This also means training your employees to abide by the new regulations.

Practice backing up data regularly. Data breaches can still occur despite all your precautions. Reputable Cloud Desktop Solutions – Rancho Cucamonga recommends that you should back up accounts receivable/payable files, human resources documents, financial records, databases, electronic spreadsheets, word processing documents, and any data stored in the cloud. The backups must be hidden in different locations offsite in case your office building is damaged by floods or fire. Finally, test your backups regularly to make sure they work..

Install anti-virus software. Phishing attacks are now more frequent, and your employees may carelessly open one just by clicking on suspicious links and attachments. This scam installs malware onto the victim’s computer, but a powerful anti-virus program can detect and prevent it from doing further damage.

Utilize multi-factor identification. This adds another layer of authentication like fingerprint scans and temporary SMS codes in case hackers are able to obtain your passwords. Even if a hacker knows the password, it will be virtually impossible to obtain your fingerprint.

You need to maintain and update your cybersecurity to compete with the increasingly cunning hackers.. Our experts at Zeta Sky can help you keep cybercriminals away while assisting you with other IT-related concerns. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to take your business in Ontario, Riverside sky high with technology!


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