How to Easily Share a Document in Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is an important aspect of any business. Having access to tools and apps that allow for effective collaboration not only enhances productivity, but also greatly increases employee morale.

The short video above walks you through the simplest, most efficient way of collaborating with team members on a document, whether be it an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint file.

Collaborating on a document with another team member used to be a complicated process: You need to finish your work on the document first, save it on your local drive, upload it on your messaging app, send it to your colleague and then have them send it back when they’re done with their part. With this process, you usually end up with several different versions of the same document.

Those days are gone!

The simple trick we’re showing you in the video above makes the process much simpler and more efficient by allowing you and your teammate to work on a document simultaneously. 


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Zeta Sky

Zeta Sky

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